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Enjoy over 90 Bee Books and 75 Bee Journals
on a PC DVD

Now with  The American Bee Journal 1861-1921
Gleanings in Bee Culture 1890 - 1922 

3 DVD set for £9.95 inc.

The American BeeKeeper - Journal 1891-1907 General Bee Keeping
The American Apiculturist - Journal 1883- 1892 Scientific & Practical
Bee Keepers Review - Journal 1889-1915 Honey Production
The British Beekeepers Journal 1888-1922

Plants and Beekeeping - F. N. Howes
Beekeeping - Frank Benton
How to keep Bees - Anna Botsford
My Bee Book - William Cotton
Practical Queen-Rearing - Frank Pellett
The Hive and Honey Bee - L.L. Langstroth
WaxCraft - T.W. Cowan
The ABC & XYZ of Bee Culture 1910 - A.I.Root
Bees-Wax its economic uses - J. Dennler
Honey Production in the British Isles - R.O.B Manley
Producing, Preparing,exhibiting - William Herrod
The Introduction of Queen Bees - Snelgrove
Structure of the eye of the honey bee - E.F. Phillips
Practical Beekeeping - Arthur Sturges
22 Years of queen rearing - Henry Alley
A thousand answers to beekeepers questions - Dr. C.C. Miller
A book about the bee - Herbert Mace

A modern bee farm 1893
A modern bee farm 1904 - S Simmins
A modern bee farm 1914

A years work in an out-apiary - G.M.Doolittle
Acarine disease - A.M. Sturges
Advanced Bee Culture - W.Z.Hutchinson
Alexanders Writings on Bee Culture - K.W.Alexander
American Bee Keepers Manual - T.Miner
American Honey Plants - Frank Pellet
The Anatomy of the Honey bee - R.E. Snodgrass
Apiary Experiments - C Gilllette
Australasian Bee Manual - I Hopkins
Australian Bee Lore & Culture - A Gale
Bee Hunting - J Lockard
The Beemaster of Warrillow - T Edwardes
Bee-keeping for Profit - W Morley
Bee Keeping in Porto Rico - W Tower
Beekeeping in Tennessee - G Bentley
Bee-Keeping in Victoria - F Beuhne
Bee Keeping by "The-Times" Bee Master - An Australian
Bees and Bee-Keeping - Frank Cheshire
Beeswax - W Bray
Bees and Beekeeping a Practical Work - W.C Harbison
Beginners Bee Book - Frank C Pellet
Blossom Hosts and Insect Guests - W.H.Gibson
Bee Breeding - S Green
British Bee Farming - J Robinson
British Bee-Keepers Guide Book - T.W. Cowan
British Bee Keepers Practical Note Book - T.W. Cowan
British Bees - W.E. Shuckard
Carniolan Bee - IRAAC
Comb Honey - G Demuth
Cuba as a Bee Country
Dadant System of Bee keeping - Dadant
Determination of age in honey bees - H Goodrich
Facts about Honey - Dadant
Facts about Honey - Sladen
Fifty Years among the Bees - Dr C.C Miller
Forty-Two Years Bee-Keeping in New Zealand - I Hopkins
Fungi of the Bee Hive - A Betts
Bee-Keeping in War- Time - W.H .Hempsall
Honey Labels - A.I. Root
How to Grow Queens - Walter T Kelley
Humble-Bee - F.W.L. Sladen
Indian Beeswax - D Hooper
Isle of Wight Disease - Anderson & Rennie
Isle of Wight Disease - Tinsley
Lore of the Honey-Bee - Tickner Edwardes
MAFF Bee keeping leaflets
Management in out-apiaries - G.M.Doolittle
Marketing Honey - B.A. Slocum
Money in Bees in Australasia - T Rayment
Naturalists Library - Jardine
Nosema Apis & Acarine - G Bullamore
Outapiaries - Dadant
Pearce new method of bee keeping - J Pearce
Phelps Bee-keepers Chart - E.W. Phelps
Pleasurable Bee Keeping - C.N White
Pollen Analysis - G Erdtman
Progressive Bee Culture
Productive Bee-Keeping - Frank C Pellet
Queen-Rearing in England - F.W.L. Sladen
Queen Rearing Simplified - A.I. Root
Queen Restrictor - C.W.Dayton
Quinbys New Bee-Keeping - M Quinby
Rearing Queen Bees in Porto Rico
Scientific Queen-Rearing - Doolittle
Breeding the British Golden Bee - S.W.L.Sladen
Southern Bee Culture - J.J.Wilder
The Book of the Honey-Bee - C Harrison
The Habits of the Honey Bee - E.F. Phillips
The Honey Bee - Edward Bevan
The Successful Honey Producer - S Simmins
The Apiary - Alfred Neighbour
The Flower and the Bee - John H Lovell
Townsend Bee Book - E.D.Townsend
Vinegar from Honey - Rev G W Bancks
Weather and Honey Production

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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

B FAiR Items

Beetle versus Bee PAL/VHS Video

Produced by Gerald Kastberger and Otmar Winder 2003
28 minutes (VID28)

PAL/VHS edition This film won a medal at the Apimondia Congress in Ljubljana, Slovenia in August. It provides an excellent review of the devastation caused by the unintentional importation of the Small Hive Beetle Aethina tumida into the USA. Everyone thought Varroa was terrible, but in most American states beekeepers will tell you this infestation is far worse. Within three years the beekeeper who first found the beetles in his hives lost 500 colonies. The film's subtitle the dramatic story of a cunning parasite - is apparently most apt. The small hive beetle originates from Africa where it creates a nuisance for African bees but does not kill the colony. The beetle larvae feed voraciously on pollen stores and brood cells. Guard bees chase some beetles away, but when there are too many beetles, African bees have developed the defensive mechanism of 'moving on', that is absconding from the nest, leaving behind their brood. European honeybees Apis mellifera present in the USA do not have this defence and will remain in hives even when there are thousands of beetle larvae destroying the combs. Female beetles lay their eggs in cells. Within one day the larvae hatch and begin eating. Honey stores are damaged and the honey drips from the comb and is lost. There is no successful treatment. The only chance is to break the beetle's life cycle by preventing larvae pupating and infesting more hives. Good, clean management and hygiene are necessary to ensure this process. The beetle originated as a tropical animal and may not tolerate cold conditions - although safe and warm in the middle of a hive, beetles have been reported in Canada.